DLonra is a printing and publishing company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our core business is to supply engineering and commercial textbooks to TVET Colleges and Schools.

2006 saw the opening of its very own bookshop and as the company grew from strength, with some restructuring in place, increased and broadened its appeal to include services such as Graphic Design, etc.

In 2012, DLonra Publishers and Dlonra Bookshop merged to form DLonra Pty. Today, Dlonra is a national supplier of commercial and engineering textbooks for colleges. As we undertake to make Dlonra a comprehensive platform for TVET Colleges and schools, we have expanded to also provide and manufacture a variety of educational support

What we do


Located in Goodwood – Cape Town, is our bookshop that retails to our customers needs in terms of stationery together with Engineering & Commercial Textbooks for TVET Colleges.

About us

We handle the process of putting together and producing Engineering & Commercial Textbooks.


We are equipped to manage paper and card based printing solutions as well as laminating & book binding.

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