The Congress of South African Students (COSAS) says it supports the call by the Chairperson of the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), Sifiso Mtswene for one tertiary application form.

Mtsweni was speaking at the NYDA’s official Youth month launch at the Hector Peterson Memorial Square in Soweto on Tuesday.

Mtsweni said there must be one application in South Africa.

“We shouldn’t be told to apply left, right and centre,” he said.

Mtsweni made an example saying that if one wants to study chemical engineering. They’d need to only fill one application form. “Attached to that form, you fill an NSFAS form, it must be processed centrally,” Mtsweni said.

He said that applicants will be sent to different universities depending on the availability of space.

COSAS secretary, Nkhobo Khomongoe said a universal application form will help save applicants money.

“Not needing to photocopy 10s of copies, no need for travelling for certifying different copies every time one sends out applications will save applicants money,” Khomongoe said.

Khomongoe said that a single application will also make it easier for people to apply.

“On the application form, the learner will indicate which universities they prefer. And in terms of the requirement and space availabilities will notify them if they have been accepted,” Khomongoe said.

Khomongoe said that for the system to be efficient and fair, the issue of APS scores would need to be looked into.

“There’d be free compulsory education that is equal. He said that it would help level the field and afford learners from poor backgrounds to be able to get the points they need to get into university,” Khomongoe said.

He said now some learners are at a disadvantage because they can’t get enough points because their schools don’t offer enough subjects to afford them the chance to get enough points to get into certain universities.

Author: jadine

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