Last update: 01/06/2020

N2 Industrial Electronics

This book is a textbook teaching you the further fundamentals of industrial electronics.

01 Direct Current Theory

02 Alternating Current Theory

03 Semiconductor Physics

04 Semiconductor Diodes

05 Semiconductor Transistors

06 The Decibel

07 Transducers

08 Measuring Instruments

09 Synchros

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What can you learn with our N2 Industrial Electronics ebook?

After being the examiner for Industrial Electronics N3 for a number of years, I realised that learners lack a basic understanding of the concepts of electrical/electronic engineering. It also dawned on me that too much emphasis is placed on passing examinations instead of understanding the subject matter.

If one takes a closer look at the objectives set out in the DOE syllabus for N1 learners, and considering the fact that a vast majority of our learners enter the N main stream largely with grade 9 (Std 7) or NCOR with very little background in electronics, one realises why so few learners successfully complete N3.

The challenge for the author was to write a book which would assist those who wish to gain an understanding of the basic principles of the subject matter. It assumes no more than a prior knowledge of elementary electricity and takes a logical approach to the subject. This book tries to explain the fundamental concepts in a clear and concise way.

My experience in the teaching of this subject shows that there is no better way to re-enforce the basic concepts learnt in class than some form of practical work. To this end, the author encourages that educators perform practical demonstrations or experiments.
The key to successful studying is to understand rather than memorise concepts. It is, therefore, imperative that the material in this book is worked through in the order in which it is presented.

The book contains 9 Chapters. Each chapter starts with a list of outcomes and ends with a self-evaluation exercise. The self-evaluation exercise is designed to see if you have reached the specified outcomes.


Mo Arnold

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