Last update: 12/06/2020

N4 Industrial Electronics

This book is a textbook teaching you the further fundamentals of industrial electronics.

1 Alternating Current Theory

2 Network Theorems

3 Semiconductor Diodes

4 Power Supplies

5 Transistors and Amplifiers

6 Operational Amplifiers

7 Electronic Power Control

8 Transducers

9 Electronic Test Equipment

10 Syllabus

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What can you learn with our N4 Industrial Electronics ebook?

The material in this book is based on the current Industrial Electronics N4 syllabus as specified by the Department of National Education.

Although the N4 syllabus covers a wide range of topics and the time provided to cover these topics is one trimester, the author have attempted to provide the necessary detail needed by a learner at this level to gain an understanding of the more difficult concepts. I have provided you with the contents of the syllabus (see Appendix) so you can reference it at all times.

A unique feature of this book is the learner-friendly approach taken by the author. Concepts are re-enforced through good examples.
The challenge for the author was to write a book which would assist those who wish to gain an understanding of the basic principles of the subject matter. This book tries to explain the fundamental concepts in a clear and concise way.

Although written in everyday language, a logical approach has been made to the subject. There has been a deliberate progression from the treatment of fundamental electrical principles and a study of the basic devices and their characteristics, to their application in basic circuits.

My experience in the teaching of this subject shows that there is no better way to re -enforce the basic concepts learnt in class than some form of practical work. To this end, the author encourages that educators perform practical demonstrations or experiments.

The emphasis throughout the text is on analysis and understanding of circuits and principles. I, therefore, present you with this book to help you understand and apply these principles.


Mo Arnold

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