Imbasa Primary School

Imbasa Primary School is located in Old Crossroads Township in Nyanga. The combined school was opened in 1989 and hosts Grade R to Grade 8 classes. Their vision is to empower learners with quality education that will produce responsible and independent individuals who can participate and contribute fully in a democratic society with skills and broadened knowledge.

They are currently focusing on improving teaching and learning standards at the school. They involve learners and community in extra mural activities i.e social activities, cultural, sport, drama and debates to enhance language proficiency.

Their continuous mission stems from their steadfast values which promote mutual respect, appreciation, collaboration, diversity and accountability. The school is in the process of positioning itself as a digital education platform for the community. They welcome any contributions and partnerships that will further the future of the school.

To enrol your child, you may visit the school at: Corner New Eisleben and Sonwabile Road 7750 Crossroads in Gugulethu or visit their website:

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