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The DLonra Blog

Welcome to the Dlonra Blog. Posts featured here are a reflection of our values as a company. The blog will keep you informed on issues that are happening in or affecting colleges, schools, business and other interesting issues. With education development and improvement being one of our primary values, the blog features interesting reads relevant to education in schools, colleges and even educares in the South African community.

Our readers will also get an insight on our products and services too. You will enjoy a read or two on some of our inhouse authors get to see some how-to-videos to give a sneak pic into what happens behind the curtain.

Dlonra is also a great support of all businesses and the blog will also feature some issue that business person will find interesting.

DLonra July 01, 2018

Study Tips

Studying could feel like such a tedious task but it’s one of those things we have to do in order for us to progress in our studies. There have been many debates and discussions about what is the most effective way for students to study. Some people prefer a certain method and others lean towards ano...
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