Northern Cape Urban TVET College – Is one of only 2 TVET Colleges in the whole of the Northern Cape

How it came about is there were 3 technical colleges in Kimberley, namely:

Moremogolo Technical College / Taemaneng Technical Centre

R C Elliott Technical College

Northern Cape Technical College

So since 1994, legislative frameworks and policies were put into place to deal with many of the challenges facing our society, including the transformation of the education system.


Subsequently, indications were given by the Northern Cape Department of Education that the three technical colleges should amalgamate. The first phase would incorporate the merging of the R C Elliott Technical College and the Moremogolo. Technical College into Kimberley College. The amalgamation of the 2 institutions was implemented as of January 1997.

The second phase of the amalgamation process was the merger of the newly formed Kimberley College (ex Moremogolo and RC Elliott) and the Northern Cape Technical College. This process was envisaged to be completed by January 1999.

The amalgamation became effective as of 1 April 2002. The College was then known as the Northern Cape FET College with two campuses, Moremogolo campus previous known as the Kimberley College and City campus previous know as the Northern Cape Technical College.   During 2015 the name of the College changed again and is now known as the Northern Cape Urban TVET College. The College is also part of DHET from April 2016

From 2016 and official January 2017 a third campus was opened. The previous Phatsimang teachers College is now known as Phatsimang campus.

The current Acting Principal is DR AE Mashele.

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Author: jadine

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